How to rename invalid characters while importing files to SharePoint


How can I set DocKIT to change ‘&’ to ‘and’ when migrating files?

Applies to: DocKIT for SharePoint 8.x, 7.x


You have to use Folder & File Renaming Rules feature available in DocKIT to rename invalid characters in SharePoint. Please perform the following steps:

  1. Open DocKIT Template Manager Dialog by clicking Mapping Template… option in Templates menu.
  2. Click New in the templates tool bar, then New Template dialog will appear.
  3. Enter unique template name for the template. Select Renaming Rules under the list of available template groups and click save button.
  4. The new template will be added under Renaming Rules in templates.
  5. Select the newly created template and specify,

              & in Find textbox

              And in Replace textbox

  6. Click Add button.
  7. Finally, save and close DocKIT Template Manager dialog

Once you have created the re-naming rule template as stated above, you can use this newly created re-naming template under File Renaming Rule in Mapping Templates in the import task wizard.


You can refer [DocKIT Template Manager -> DocKIT Templates-> Folder & File Renaming Rules] section in the online help documentation for more information.


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